Wang Siwen (王斯文)

VP, Mai Ai Culture Communication (麦爱文化 VP)

As the VP of Mai Ai Culture, Wang Siwen is mainly responsible for the company’s music planning, copyright operation, and overseas music cooperation.

Beijing Mai Ai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (北京麦爱文化传播有限公司)

Beijing, China

Beijing Maiai Culture Communication Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is committed to promoting Chinese electronic music culture. It is an integrated service organization specializing in artist brokerage, copyright management, music festival planning and operation, music planning and production, and technological and artistic upgrading. The main theme of the business is the development of “electronic music + trend” culture based on young users. Its artists include “Guofeng Electronic Music Leader” Xu Mengyuan, etc., as well as the first large-scale outdoor electronic music festival “INTRO” in China, and have close cooperation with many well-known overseas electronic music festivals and labels.