Update on IMX 2023 Online Event Schedule

Shanghai, October 22, 2023

Unprecedented Success in Shanghai

We are thrilled to report the successful conclusion of the IMX 2023 in-person events in Shanghai. From October 19-22, a diverse group of industry leaders, artists, and professionals gathered to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborations, marking a significant milestone in the global music industry.

Adjustment to IMX Online Event Start Date


The IMX online event will now commence later in the week on October 26th, shifting from its original start date of October 23rd. This decision was prompted by a significant increase in content submissions, which have exceeded our initial forecasts. Each submission offers valuable insights and perspectives that deserve proper curation and presentation.

Why the Change


The reason for this adjustment is twofold. Firstly, the volume and quality of the content submissions for the online portion of IMX 2023 have far exceeded our expectations. This is a positive indicator of the IMX’s growing influence and the industry’s eagerness to engage in meaningful dialogue. Secondly, we recognize the importance of curating a well-structured, impactful program. To achieve this, we need additional time to meticulously review, categorize, and integrate the new content into our existing schedule. This will ensure that our attendees benefit from a more enriched and seamless experience. We are committed to updating our attendees and stakeholders as details are finalized.

Seamless Transition to Online Platform


Despite the change in the starting date, the quality and depth of our online offerings remain uncompromised. Participants can still look forward to an array of rich industry discussions and music showcases that are synonymous with the IMX brand. The finalized schedule will be communicated soon. We advise all interested parties to stay tuned to our official website and social media channels for the latest updates.

A New Standard for Global Collaboration


IMX 2023 is setting the pace for international music collaboration. IMX’s hybrid model not only facilitates broader global participation but also opens up new avenues for collaborations and business opportunities in the music industry.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to the success of this groundbreaking event. We look forward to your continued engagement and excitement as we transition into the online phase of IMX 2023.

Contact Information


IMX Official Website: www.chinaimx.com

For press inquiries: [email protected]

Contact: Fatih | Press Relations


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