Unveiling IMX 2023: A New Era of Music Innovation & Global Unity!

“Same Universe, Boundless Music.” The global music industry’s premier innovation expo, the 3rd annual IMX International Music Expo, is set to launch on October 19th, 2023, in Shanghai!

The IMX International Music Expo is witnessing an era of unprecedented transformation. Breakthroughs in technology, the intertwining of diverse cultures, and rapid advancements in communication are reshaping our world. Music serves as a universal language that binds us together, a source of energy that fuels our understanding and passion for life. It carries the weight of human history, the pulse of our times, and our vision for the future. Music possesses the power to transcend national boundaries, break down cultural barriers, and foster understanding and harmony between different communities. In the challenging year of 2020, when the pandemic swept across the globe, the IMX International Music Expo was launched with a vision to establish a global music industry community. In just two editions, it has become an eagerly anticipated annual event for business, technology, and cultural exchange within the global music industry.

The IMX International Music Expo stands as the leading annual music innovation expo, dedicated to viewing the world through the lens of music and amplifying its value. Through exhibitions, forums, performances, and other innovative mediums, it brings together the most influential and creative professionals in the music industry. It connects pioneers in various fields who have achieved business success and possess a spirit of exploration. The expo aims to explore the value of music, promote the sharing of global experiences, facilitate business collaborations and trade, and drive the global music industry forward in harmony.

IMX International Music Expo 2023

This year, from October 19th to 31st, the IMX International Music Expo in Shanghai will integrate both offline and online interactive modes for the first time, heralding a new era of global music industry exchange and collaboration. IMX 2023 is set to feature hundreds of esteemed speakers and artists from around the world. Participants will engage in a curated series of conferences, masterclasses, networking sessions, and showcases with the aim of fostering new partnerships and business opportunities, as well as facilitating the exchange of creative ideas and industry insights. The expo will also introduce fresh perspectives, new works, innovative technologies, products, and services to the global music industry.

IMX 2023 will revolve around four major themes: The Future of Copyright, The Future of Technology, The Future of Business, and The Future of Creation. A series of invaluable forums, workshops, masterclasses, performances, and debut events will be held. Global music artists, tech innovators, business elites, and experts from various fields passionate about music will come together to explore the vast landscape of the new era in the music industry. Topics will range from copyright revenues to growth drivers, from AIGC to traditional music, from VR/XR applications to game music and spatial audio technology, and from global distribution business to the psychology of film, TV advertising, and short video dissemination algorithms, among others.

The new era of the global music industry calls for collaboration, sharing, and innovation among global music professionals and audiences. Together, we aim to create a promising future for the industry.

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