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About IMX

IMX stands as the leading annual music innovation expo, reimagining the world through the lens of music and amplifying its value. Every year, IMX provides an unmatched platform for industry leaders, innovators, and music enthusiasts worldwide to connect, share insights, and forge meaningful collaborations.

“Our mission is to unite the world through music, creating a stage where ideas, creativity, and business converge.”

This year, in October, we’re thrilled to unveil our unifying theme – “Same Universe, Boundless Music”. This represents our commitment to transcending boundaries, inspiring global collaboration, and driving the evolution of the music industry.

For IMX 2023, hundreds of esteemed speakers and artists from more than 60 countries will gather in Shanghai, China. The event will feature a curated series of conferences, masterclasses, networking sessions, showcases, and debut music events with the aim of fostering new partnerships and business opportunities, facilitating the exchange of creative ideas, industry insights, as well as introducing innovative technologies, products, and services.

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IMX Milestones

Since its inception, IMX has:

  • Engaged 242 esteemed forum guests.
  • Conducted over 150 data-driven forums.
  • Showcased 2,400+ artists from 58 countries and regions.
  • Collaborated with 688 leading music & business organizations.
  • Achieved a significant media reach of 3.6 billion impressions, and 2.6 million online views.

Today, IMX stands as a trusted platform for music industry collaborations, championing fairness, inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability.