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Tunedly is a music discovery platform and online recording studio set up for the next generation of the music industry. Independent singers and songwriters can upload their music on Tunedly and we will showcase their songs alongside some of today’s biggest stars and other independent artists. The twist: We strip away all identifying information from a song so that music lovers have no clue if they are listening to Ed Sheeran or someone unknown. We allow listeners to pick one song per day that they believe could become a future hit. We track all listener behavior internally and sign the best songs to exclusive publishing deals with our partner Spirit Music Group, starting to monetize those songs by placing them in film, TV, ads and other royalty generating media. Music lovers who placed their bets on the right song will own a token of that song, generating royalties alongside every other stakeholder in the song or being able to trade and sell the token via marketplaces.

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Chris Erhardt – CEO