Premium Online Expo


Exhibition packages include Online database and networking, Online video ID (streamed), Online video ID (VOD), Localization (from English), PR (one-off mention of the exhibitor)



Online database and networking

You have access to the contact details of this year’s participants, with your business details also made available for potential partners to reach out to you.

Localized online video ID (streamed)

Your video ID is localized with subtitles and streamed online on international and Chinese platforms. The format is up to you, though here are a few suggestions from us:

  • Broadcast a message to potential customers or partners
  • Showreel of your roster or your works
  • Virtual tour of your company
  • Up to 15 minutes

Localized online video ID (VOD)

Your video ID remains online for a year as video-on-demand content and is searchable through Baidu and the video platforms (international and Chinese, eg. Youtube, Bilibili).


A one-off announcement of the exhibitor on IMX socials (international and Chinese).

october, 2021

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