Mauco records

Mauco Records is a music label . that in the last ten years has gradually added different stages to the music production process. It started in London taking care of the creation and music production process, during that stage, the label formed a catalogue with artists form the UK, Italy, Canada and Chile, it also moved to Chile and in 2017 gave birth to its own Recording studio to have more independence when it came to help artists to have their projects recorded trough the label as an executive producer also. in 2018 added to the label the capacity to be a digital distribution label, wich helped enforce the service of the label to its artists, and to have more exposition locally and internationally in the different opportunities for the creative industry. Mauco Records is also a partner in E.S.A , and independent label festival held in Valparaíso almost every year. We look forward to grow in this stages to have more tools to show the work of the artists that make the label.

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Claudio Meza – Founder, Executive and Producer