Mapamundi Música

As well as working with Iberian artists, Mapamundi Música colaborates with artists from other places. Along these years we have brought to Spain for the first time artists like Mad Sheer Khan (Algeria, France), Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher (Madagascar, France), Ellika, Solo & Rafael (Sweden, Senegal, Mexico), Özlem Bulut (Turkey), Janusz Prusinowski Kompania (Poland), Gulaza (Israel) or Monsieur Doumani (Cyprus). We have developed festivals and series (like Escalamundos, Jewish Music and Culture Festival in Alcorcón, Dances of the World in Alcorcón…) and designed and/or produced new concerts, like Jako el Muzikante, Chopin’s music and village roots, or À Porta do Cante.

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Araceli TziganeDirector