IMX 2023: Third Round of Esteemed Speakers Announced

We are thrilled to unveil our third round of eminent speakers for the International Music Expo (IMX) 2023. As the countdown to the most anticipated global music event of the year continues, we’re honored to introduce an additional set of thought leaders, creatives, and innovators.

Meet the Experts: Round 3

Our third installment of speakers offers a diverse array of perspectives, further enriching the already dynamic conversations planned for IMX 2023:

  • Yan Xiaoka, Senior Music Rights Holder
  • Dong Peng, Co-Founder of ACRCloud
  • Finandy Luo, Deputy Director of Digital and Business Development, Universal Music China
  • Zhang Ruizhe, International Brand Director, CR Beer
  • Hannah Chen, Music Rights Holder
  • Huang Jie, Legal Director, Tencent Music Entertainment Group
  • Shi Jiayang, Founder of ChainSound Technology
  • Yang Yumin, Music Planner, Musical Producer
  • Jonathan Tay, Photographer, Ad Director, Creative Director
  • YOON KYO WEON, CEO of Seoul Hallyu TV
  • Luan Jia, Associate Professor, Shandong Normal University School of Music
  • Wang Tao, Founder of New Youth Music Festival
  • Zhang Jincan, Principal of Dusk Dawn Club
  • Yin Liang, Principal of Xiami Music Entertainment

Rundown Highlights

IMX 2023 will offer an even more diversified range of focused sessions and keynotes that include our third-round speakers

  • Methods and Techniques of Copyright Protection: Finandy Luo of Universal Music China will be the part of the discussions that delve into the ever-evolving landscape of music copyright and legal protections.
  • Production and Marketing of Music for Film and TV Dramas: In a multi-faceted panel featuring Huang Jie of Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Yoon Kyo Weon of Seoul Hallyu TV, along with other distinguished guests, this session will explore the intricate relationship between auditory and visual mediums.
  • Market Dynamics of Music Performance: Yin Liang from Xiami Music will participate in illuminating discussions that spotlight emerging trends and transformations in both live and digital music performances.
  • The Impact of AI on the Value of Music: Shi Jiayang from ChainSound Technology will be among a panel of experts dissecting the revolutionary and increasingly pivotal role of artificial intelligence in shaping the music industry.

Explore the Full IMX 2023 Rundown – Get a complete overview of all sessions, keynotes, and panels to plan your IMX 2023 experience effectively.

The Cumulative Impact of IMX

With the third round of speakers, IMX 2023 promises an even more diverse and enriched experience. Expect riveting discussions that cover all facets of the industry, from technology’s role in shaping the future to the complexities of intellectual property and rights management.

Don’t Miss Out

The dates are set, the speakers are confirmed, and we are finalizing the last details to ensure IMX 2023 is an unforgettable experience. Don’t let October 19-31, 2023, pass by without being a part of history in the making.

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