IMX 2023 Shanghai Successfully Concludes, Sets the Stage for Engaging Online Events

Shanghai, October 23, 2023

Reflecting on a Rewarding Gathering

The IMX 2023 Organizing Committee is sincerely grateful to everyone who made our in-person events in Shanghai from October 19-22 such a memorable experience. Thanks to the committed participation of artists, industry professionals, and supporters, we were able to foster engaging dialogues and initiatives that promise to shape the music industry’s future.

Event Highlights: A Testament to Collaboration


Our time in Shanghai was filled with enriching networking opportunities, enlightening masterclasses, and vibrant music showcases. The spirit of collaboration and exchange was evident, as attendees shared insights and sparked innovative conversations. Together, we took meaningful strides in amplifying the voice of the music industry.

Looking Ahead: IMX’s Online Edition

With the Shanghai chapter concluded, our team is gearing up for the online segment of IMX 2023. Initially slated for October 23rd, we’ve decided to move the launch to October 26th due to the volume and depth of submissions which surpassed our expectations. This shift ensures that we curate and present a program that does justice to the quality of contributions we’ve been fortunate to receive.
The success of the Shanghai event fuels our enthusiasm for the online sessions. It represents not just the culmination of our efforts in Shanghai but the beginning of an even broader exploration of the global and especially Chinese music landscapes.

We’ll be sharing more details about our online sessions soon. Keep an eye on our official website and social media channels for timely updates. We’re profoundly thankful for the trust and engagement shown by all participants, contributors, and partners. Together, we’re not just organizing an event; we’re pioneering a movement.

With appreciation and resolve,
IMX 2023 Organizing Committee

Looking Ahead: IMX’s Online Edition

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