IMX 2023: Second Round of Esteemed Speakers Announced

We are excited to present the second round of distinguished speakers for International Music Expo (IMX) 2023, as well as key highlights from our comprehensive rundown. IMX 2023 is more than an event; it’s a global stage for breakthrough discussions and collaborations designed to shape the future of the music industry.

Meet the Experts: Round 2

Our second round of speakers is a mix of industry veterans and innovative thinkers, adding another layer of depth to our event:

  • Balázs Weyer, Ethnomusicologist and Director of Hangveto
  • Vickie Nauman, Founder and CEO of CrossBorderWorks
  • Tat Tong, Director of A&R at RCA Records Greater China
  • Shen Lihui, Founder of Modern Sky
  • Wei Jian, Director of MEDI Festival
  • Eric Tao, CEO of Hao Le Wu Huang
  • Jiang Yuan, Chief Scientist of iFlytek Music
  • Yang Guanglei, Founder of Shanghai World Music Center
  • Zhao Zhigong, Entertainment Lawyer
  • Zhu Fangqiong, Crossover Artist and Founder of Unintended
  • Wang Jiangjiang, Ethnomusicologist and Composer
  • Kian How, Audio Creative for Visual Media

Rundown Highlights

IMX 2023 will feature an array of focused sessions and keynotes. Here are some notable ones that align with our second-round speakers:


  • October 21: Market Dynamics of Music Performance: Wei Jian will shed light on the ever-changing dynamics of live and digital music performances.
  • October 21: The Impact of AI on Value of Music: Jiang Yuan will be among the experts exploring how AI is revolutionizing the music industry.
  • October 22: Undefined: Creative Vitality of Traditional Music: Led by Balázs Weyer, this keynote dives into the enduring essence and modern relevance of traditional music.
  • October 22: Protection and Inheritance of Traditional Music Culture: Yang Guanglei will discuss the importance of preserving the legacy of traditional music.

Explore the Full IMX 2023 Rundown – Get a complete overview of all sessions, keynotes, and panels to plan your IMX 2023 experience effectively.

The Future Impact of IMX

With a robust lineup of speakers and sessions, IMX 2023 is positioned to redefine industry norms, transcend boundaries and drive the evolution of the global music. The event serves as a catalyst for groundbreaking dialogues, offering insights into evolving revenue models, the role of AI, and the growing impact of traditional music in the digital age.

Don’t Miss Out

Time is ticking, and October 19-31, 2023, will be here before you know it. The IMX 2023 experience is poised to set the pace for the future of global music.

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