IMX Premium Services

Premium Showcase Services

23-31 October, IMX Online Showcases

The Premium Showcase Services category is dedicated to artists and labels looking to maximize their exposure and audience engagement during IMX 2023. The services under this category are crafted to ensure artists and labels not only get prime time to showcase their talent but also maintain consistent visibility through various platforms, including the official IMX website and the general press through the IMX Artist Highlight Article. Choose from tailored packages that offer secured primetime showcase slots, dedicated spotlight in articles, teaser video broadcasts, and year-long video showcases, enabling effective and wide-reaching audience engagement.

Primetime Spot for Artists (60 minutes)

Exclusive for Artists

Aimed for artists prioritizing maximum audience engagement at IMX 2023, this package includes a secure 60-minute showcase slot during peak hours, a dedicated spot in the IMX Artist Highlight Article, a 30-second teaser video broadcast, and year-long video showcase on the official IMX website, ensuring effective artist presentation to a wide audience.

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Primetime Spot for Labels (60 minutes)

Exclusive for Companies

This package is structured for labels seeking to optimize audience engagement at IMX 2023. Inclusive of a secure 60-minute showcase slot, dedicated spots for all label artists in the IMX Artist Highlight Article, a 30-second teaser video broadcast for all artists, year-long video showcase, and prominent label logo display during primetime, it guarantees effective presentation and prominence for labels and their artists.

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Premium Expo Services

19-31 October, IMX Expo, Online & Offline

Premium Expo Services is dedicated to companies aiming to augment their visibility and reach a global audience during IMX 2023. This category offers services designed to enhance company exposure through increased expo video playtimes, inclusion in exclusive business highlight articles, and year-long features on the official IMX website. Additionally, the Expo Video Localization service ensures that your company’s message resonates effectively with the Chinese-speaking audience, fostering stronger relationships and business opportunities.

Premium Exposure Package

Exclusive for Companies

Crafted for companies aiming for substantial visibility during IMX 2023, the Premium Exposure Package provides increased expo video playtimes, inclusion in an exclusive IMX Business Highlight Article, and a year-long expo video feature on the official IMX website. This ensures continuous and significant company visibility pre, during, and post-event.

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Expo Video Localization

Exclusive for Companies

Designed for companies targeting a significant reach in the Chinese market, this package ensures your company’s message is well understood. It includes detailed transcription and professional localization into Chinese, along with finely crafted subtitles embedded into your expo video, guaranteeing enhanced and inclusive engagement with the local market.

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Premium IMX Services

19 October – 31 December 2023

The Premium IMX Services category is open to all attendees of IMX 2023, ensuring seamless networking and communication opportunities within the extensive IMX delegate database. This category is designed to facilitate valuable and strategic connections by providing curated networking suites and comprehensive email connectivity access. Attendees can effortlessly expand their professional networks, explore potential collaborations, and ensure their presence is well-established within the industry milieu.

Curated Networking Suite

Available for all

Available to all IMX 2023 attendees, the Curated Networking Suite provides a custom-curated list of five potential business allies, artist agents, or promoters, complemented by direct introductions, ensuring streamlined and effective networking and fostering valuable industry connections.

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Email Connectivity Access

Available for all

Offered to all IMX 2023 attendees, Email Connectivity Access ensures exhaustive and unrestricted access to the IMX 2023 delegate database of artists and companies. This service, automatically bestowed upon approved expo and showcase participants, solidifies connections and promotes enriching industry collaborations.

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Premium Services Essential Information

Video Curation: For Showcase and Expo videos, the IMX team meticulously reviews and curates all submissions. This guarantees the quality and appropriateness of the content showcased, aligning with IMX’s esteemed standards.

Refund Policy for Video Submission: If submitted videos do not align with the IMX content guidelines, rest assured that the purchase will be fully refunded, ensuring both parties maintain utmost quality and standards.

Service Availability: All our premium services are available on a first-come, first-served basis due to their limited availability. Ensure your enhanced IMX 2023 experience by securing your spot now.

Customization: Your needs are paramount. Our adept team is on hand and ready to work with you to tailor services to better align with your specific needs. Contact us for a discussion on customization options.

Confirmation: Post-payment, a detailed confirmation email will be dispatched to you within one business day, outlining your availed services and other pivotal information, solidifying your premium IMX 2023 experience.

We look forward to enhancing your IMX 2023 experience with our exceptional premium services.

If you have any questions about IMX premium services, contact us at [email protected]