IMX 2023 Key Highlights: A Milestone For Global Music Industry Collaboration

SHANGHAI, January 08, 2024 – The 3rd annual International Music Expo (IMX) concluded on a triumphant note, running from October 19th to November 10th, 2023. This year’s event united hundreds of industry professionals and musicians from across the globe through a unique blend of in-person and digital experiences, further cementing its status as a pivotal event in the music industry calendar.

IMX 2023 Key Highlights

Metrics below represent the data as of December 1, 2023, and numbers continue to grow.

  • Total Weibo Topic Views: 5,695,422
  • Online Interactions: Over 15 Million
  • Offline Performance Exposure: 6.58 Million
  • Search Entries Recorded: 625,793
  • Media Reports: 787
  • Countries and Regions Reached: 62
  • Duration: 13-Day Music Industry Event
  • Support: From 35 Countries and International Associations
  • Participants: From 62 Countries
  • Industry Organizations Participated: 959
  • Musicians Performed: 1,392
  • Content Broadcast: 10,260 Minutes
  • Industry Forums Held: 119
  • Masterclasses Conducted: 18
  • Workshops Organized: 15
  • Offline Showcases: 22

IMX 2023 marked a significant milestone in its history by seamlessly integrating both offline and online interactive modes for the first time. This pioneering approach effectively transcended geographical and temporal boundaries, bridging communication gaps and significantly expanding its global influence. This year’s expo brought together an eclectic mix of 342 industry elites and over 1,392 artists from 62 countries, illustrating a tapestry of diverse cultures and sounds. Facilitating a multitude of offline activities and online displays, the event not only achieved immense exposure, especially in Mainland China, but also cultivated new partnerships and numerous business opportunities. IMX 2023 played a key role in introducing new perspectives, technologies, products, and services within the music industry.

Dedicated to embracing the world through the universal language of music, IMX International Music Expo stands as a testament to innovation in hosting and communication. It assembles the most influential and creative professionals from the music industry, connecting visionaries with a proven track record of business success and a pioneering spirit. The Expo endeavors to delve into the essence of music, encouraging the exchange of global experiences and promoting business collaborations. It fosters the advancement of the global music industry in unison, creating not just a platform for discussion but a melting pot of cultural and musical exchange that touches hearts and inspires minds.

Focusing on four critical themes—The Future of Music Copyright, The Future of Music Technology, The Future of Music Business, and The Future of Music Creation—IMX 2023 hosted a plethora of invaluable forums, workshops, masterclasses, performances, and debut events. These gatherings brought together global music artists, technology innovators, business leaders, and experts passionate about music, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment to explore the evolving landscape of the music industry. The topics discussed ranged from copyright revenues to growth drivers, encompassing areas such as AIGC, traditional music, VR/XR applications, game music, spatial audio technology, and strategies for global distribution in contexts like film, TV advertising, and short video dissemination algorithms. Each session not only illuminated the industry’s trajectory but also kindled a sense of community and shared passion amongst participants.

Leading New Thoughts in the Global Music Industry
342 Guests in 119 Innovative Forums

The forums at the IMX International Music Expo were a hub of intellectual vibrancy, featuring 342 industry leaders who delved into 119 trending topics. These dynamic discussions were not just about sharing the latest knowledge and successful experiences from the global music scene; they were about creating a melting pot of ideas and solutions. Rapidly evolving into a crucial gateway for global music industry connections, the IMX forums epitomized the spirit of collaborative innovation and cultural exchange. They symbolized a forward-moving industry, eager to embrace new horizons and continuously seeking to redefine the boundaries of music and business.

Fostering Limitless Musical Exploration
18 Top Masterclasses

The musical journey, inherently filled with creativity and uncharted territories, often requires guidance and support. Recognizing this, IMX 2023 meticulously curated a series of masterclasses led by esteemed music producers, guardians of cultural heritage, marketing mavens, and tech innovators from across the globe. These experts, drawn from both academic and industrial spheres of the global music scene, facilitated 18 masterclasses. Each session offered a comprehensive blend of skills, vision, trends, and knowledge, delivered through interactive sessions and rich content sharing. This initiative established a robust foundation for knowledge accumulation and skill development, empowering attendees with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of music. These masterclasses were not just educational avenues but beacons of inspiration, fueling the creative spirits and strategic minds of participants.

Connecting Diverse Youth Cultures
15 “Music+” Workshops

A core component of IMX 2023, the workshops represented a creative and groundbreaking convergence of “Music + Culture/Technology/Art/Business,” expertly spearheaded by IMX and IMCO. Originating from the rich tapestry of music, these sessions were designed to forge connections and promote an array of vibrant youth cultural communities. The workshops encompassed 15 richly diverse sessions, delving into themes such as spatial audio, women in music, healing through art, and more. Among them, notable workshops like the “Huawei Music × UWA World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance × RSS Audio Vivid Spatial Audio Workshop” and the “Music Healing” workshop by Muxian Technology stood out. This multi-dimensional integration of “Music+Life” and community marketing offered participants not just a learning experience but an immersive journey into the symbiosis of brand and lifestyle. Each session was a testament to IMX’s commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and the exploration of new horizons in the music industry.

Creating a Global Music Feast
1329 Musicians Perform with Passion

A record-breaking 1,392 musicians participated in the IMX global showcase, integrating offline and online performances for the first time. This dual-mode approach enabled musicians to expand their global reach, enhance their influence, and create new career opportunities.

22 Offline Performances: A Multi-Location Carnival

IMX 2023 fostered remarkable collaborations with esteemed organizations like Bandai Namco, Blue Note, Billboard Live, DDC Dusk and Dawn Club, Yuyintang, along with prominent artist groups like HAYA Band, Murphy’s Law, and Peach Illusion. Spanning across cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Aranya, the event featured 22 exceptional performances. These performances not only covered a wide spectrum of musical genres, appealing to various communities and age groups, but also highlighted the eclectic cultural tapestry of the music industry.

Live Streams Illuminate the World Online

The digital reach of IMX 2023 was nothing short of phenomenal. Live streams across five major platforms achieved a staggering 15 million online interactions, showcasing the event’s incredible digital footprint and appeal. This level of engagement was further amplified by media report readings, which impressively surpassed 33 million, reflecting an unprecedented level of interest and engagement from audiences.

Each night of the expo was a celebration of diversity and artistic expression. Themed performances such as National Night, Ethnic Night, Style Night, Jazz Night, and Independent Music Night not only captivated a vast audience but also highlighted the rich tapestry of music genres and cultures represented at the event. These nights were more than just performances; they were a vibrant showcase of the world’s musical heritage and contemporary creativity, resonating deeply with attendees and online viewers alike. They stood as a testament to IMX’s commitment to celebrating the diversity of global music, bringing to life the myriad of sounds and styles that define our shared musical landscape.

Innovative Multidimensional Expo
Breaking Boundaries of Music Themes

IMX 2023 showcased “Four Highlights” that broadened its appeal and depth. The collaborative “Huawei Music × UWA World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance × RSS Audio Vivid Spatial Audio Workshop” showcased technological and artistic fusion. The “Music Market” emerged as a creative and commercial nucleus. The “’Women Are Also Good’ All-Women Musicians Theme Performance” celebrated female artistry, while the “’Huaxia Xuan Music’ Chinese Style Theme Performance” blended traditional and modern Chinese music.

These initiatives not only diversified the content of IMX 2023 but also broadened its thematic and spiritual scope. By exploring new avenues for industry exchange, they enriched the cross-industry representation of the music industry, fueling its diverse development. These “Four Highlights” exemplified the event’s commitment to pushing boundaries, nurturing talent, and fostering an inclusive, globally-connected music community.

Highlight One
Huawei Music X UWA World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance X RSS Audio
Audio Vivid Spatial Audio Workshop

At IMX 2023, the World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance, Huawei Music, and RSS Audio collaborated to present spatial audio workshops and master classes, featuring a high-definition spatial audio experience area. This innovative space merged advanced spatial audio technology with educational sessions, offering guests and global audiences an immersive 7.1.4 spatial audio experience. Huawei Music showcased their latest spatial audio-equipped Huawei mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets, providing a hands-on product experience in the workshop area. Additionally, the Huawei Wenjie M7 smart cockpit was introduced for on-site test rides, delivering a premier listening and driving experience to international guests.

Highlight Two
Diverse Youth Culture Music Market

The IMX Music Market serves as a nexus for diverse youth cultural communities, uniting creative “music explorers”. It features three major themes: “Happy Split Party,” “City, Flow and Music,” and “Youth Art Utopia and Tower of Babel.” These themes encompass a wide array of cultural content, from healing and AIGC to punk and Gothic culture, transcending traditional musical boundaries. This platform facilitates borderless global music exchanges, igniting creative sparks among young musicians and showcasing their talents on an inclusive stage.

Highlight Three
“Women Are Also Good”
IMX & ONE TAKE Cloud Performance Special Section

“Women Are Also Good” united 10 talented female musicians at IMX 2023. In collaboration with “GorgeousPlanet” and “Thousand Generations,” IMX orchestrated a unique all-female musicians ONE TAKE performance. This special event captivated over 12 million viewers worldwide, with more than 20 influential WeChat voices amplifying its reach. This performance was more than a showcase; it was a statement, using music to express an independent and progressive life attitude. It highlighted the transformative power of music and celebrated the global achievements of female musicians, creating memorable and inspiring moments.

Highlight Four
IMX x Huaxia Xuan Music
Traditional Chinese Music Series Special Performance

IMX 2023 featured a special showcase of Chinese traditional music, collaborating with Huaxia Xuanyin,, and Zhaohua National Music Platform to present the “Joint Performance of New Chinese Music Works in the 21st Century.” This initiative was further enriched through a partnership with the “World Traditional Music Seed Bank” series and Huaxia Xuanyin. Together, they curated the “Looking at the Sea Tide” concert, a tribute to timeless Chinese music classics. This concert highlighted a selection of outstanding works from a wide range of traditional Chinese music performers and educators, spanning several generations. Through IMX’s cloud performances, these events not only brought a global audience a virtual feast of Chinese traditional music but also spotlighted new talents in Chinese traditional music, extending the reach and influence of this rich cultural heritage.

Global Partners & Circle of Friends

IMX 2023 has brilliantly showcased the innovative strength and vast potential of the music industry, offering profound insights into its evolving dynamics. In an era where technology rapidly advances and global exchanges become more robust, the music industry stands on the cusp of unprecedented opportunities. The event highlighted an emerging trend: a surge in cross-industry collaborations and technological integrations, signifying a promising fusion of art and business poised for exponential growth.

The IMX International Music Expo, at the forefront of these developments, is committed to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the music industry. It provides a vibrant platform for global music practitioners to learn, exchange ideas, and forge collaborative ventures. By facilitating an environment where diverse cultures blend and creative sparks ignite, IMX fosters a vision of a world where boundless music coexists, transcending traditional boundaries. This commitment to championing a universally inclusive and interconnected music universe was palpably felt throughout the Expo, reinforcing IMX’s dedication to being a catalyst for innovation and cultural synergy in the global music landscape.

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