IMX 2023 First Round of Masterclass Tutors Announced

In the realm of music, every note played resonates with history, knowledge, and soul. As we inch closer to IMX 2023, it is with immense pride and boundless excitement that we introduce a constellation of luminaries, those who’ve not just mastered their art but have redefined its boundaries. These are the virtuosos who will grace our platform, each bringing with them a symphony of experiences, insights, and stories. Without further ado, let’s meet the maestros who will lead the first round of our coveted masterclass sessions.

Unveiling The Maestros: Round 1

  • Matthew Della Polla: Conducting Techniques and Expressing Musical Potential.
  • Vasja Veber: Marketing and A&R.
  • Robert Singerman: Music Captioning Technology and Globalization.
  • 叶云川 (Ye Yunchuan): Music Map of China: Recapturing National Memory Through Music, Finding Life’s Origins in Native Languages, Narrating China’s Musical Tales in the Language of the World.
  • 黄旭 (Kevin Hwang): National Tide Music Breakdown – How to Develop a Personal Style.
  • 全胜 (Quan Sheng): The Innovation of Folk Music and Reform of the Matouqin (Horsehead Fiddle).
  • 穆热阿勒·比目拉提 (Mural Bimurat): Minority Musical Instruments and Dongbula.
IMX Masterclass Tutor

Matthew Della Polla

He has excelled in many areas of music including collaborating with many of the world’s top musicians, such as Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Barbra Streisand, Rod Stewart, Michael Bolton, Charlie Puth, Sting, Elton John, David Foster, and many more. He has been involved in a series of well-known films and songs and has won two Latin Grammy Awards. His career includes conducting many live concerts in North America and Asia, music directing for many international projects and television programs, and as orchestral scoring consultant for hundreds of recordings in Europe and the United States.

IMX Masterclass Tutor

Vasja Veber

Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Viberate, a leading global music analytics platform dedicated to industry experts. Vasja boasts a rich experience in music management, having managed the world-renowned Techno artist UMEK for 12 years. Currently, he oversees Viberate’s business development, collaborating with prestigious brands like Apple, Sony, UMG, Amazon, United Masters, and Empire.

IMX Masterclass Tutor

Robert Singerman

With 40 years of experience in the music industry, Robert has worn many hats, including those of entrepreneur, agent, manager, label executive, consultant, producer, and founder. He’s presently the Senior VP of International Publishing at LyricFind. LyricFind’s core business for the past 15 years has been providing authorized lyric solutions for the music industry, promoting music understanding on a global scale.

IMX Masterclass Tutor

叶云川 (Ye Yunchuan)

An esteemed music producer and member of the American Grammy Association. He founded “Ruiming Music,” a prominent Chinese music brand. He serves as a creative arts mentor at the Communication University of China and is the mastermind and musical director behind the “China Music Map” project, sponsored by the National Art Fund. His works have received numerous awards, and he remains committed to promoting the fusion of Chinese traditional music with global music languages.

IMX Masterclass Tutor

黄旭 (Kevin Hwang)

Founder of “A Little Music” in Shanghai, Kevin is a music producer, a Universal Music copyright lyricist and composer, and collaborates as a musician with Native Instruments and Trinity Sound Technology.

IMX Masterclass Tutor

全胜 (Quan Sheng)

Founder of HAYA band and a nationally recognized Matouqin (Horsehead Fiddle) player. In his early days, he was a member of China’s first world music band, “Gaoshan Liushui.” He became the first musician to merge Matouqin with genres like rock, jazz, and symphonic music and to introduce a university major dedicated to Matouqin performance. He is committed to evolving traditional Mongolian music and is recognized as an influential figure in the domain.

IMX Masterclass Tutor

穆热阿勒·比目拉提 (Mural Bimurat)

A prominent Dongbula player from the Kazakh ethnicity, Mural graduated from the Central University for Nationalities, specializing in Dongbula. He now teaches at the university’s Department of Ethnic Musical Instruments. He’s known for blending the Kazakh musical heritage with a diverse range of global music elements, making his mark especially after joining the HAYA band. In December 2018, he released his debut album “Gift of Ancestors,” which clinched the award for “Annual Performance Album” at the 2018 Global Chinese Golden Song Awards.

The Cumulative Impact of IMX

As the IMX 2023 journey continues, these Masterclass sessions embody our commitment to fostering global musical understanding and collaboration. We’re deeply grateful for the opportunity to host such esteemed professionals and offer participants a chance to dive deep into the intricacies of the music world. As we always believe at IMX, music is a universal language that binds us, transcending borders and cultures. We invite you to be a part of this enriching experience, engage with these industry stalwarts, and immerse yourself in the profound world of music.

Join us, and let’s create harmonious symphonies together at IMX 2023.

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