IMX 2023: Fifth Round of Esteemed Speakers Announced

We are thrilled to disclose our fifth round of illustrious speakers for the International Music Expo (IMX) 2023. As the date draws nearer for the most awaited global music event of the year, we’re privileged to present an additional lineup of experts, visionaries, and pioneers.

Meet the Experts: Round 5

Our fifth installment of speakers showcases a diverse spectrum of insights, adding further depth to the already dynamic conversations planned for IMX 2023:

  • Indi Chawla, Head of International Relations, The MLC
  • Hu Xiaowei, Head of IMX & World Music Seeds
  • Tinko Georgiev, VP of International Business, Kanjian
  • Wang Zhongyan, Famous Writer / Lyricist, Screenwriter, Senior Media Professional
  • Cui Shixuan, Famous Lyricist / Composer / Producer
  • Chen Shen, Associate professor;Head of Audio Arts Major,Film Art School, CAA
  • Yang Shu, Associate professor;Director of Film and Television Production Department,Film Art School, CAA
  • Shen Lin, Executive Vice President of SCMA;Director of Music Technology Department,SNU Music College
  • Liu Yiming, Co-Founder of Tideverse Music Festival
  • Daniel, Founder of Flowing Water
  • Liu Jiaze, CEO of Ingenuity Music
  • Xia Yuze, CIO of SoundPic Media & SoundPic Technology
  • Oscar Xie, CEO of Robkoo
  • Kang Zhuoheng, CEO of After School
  • Stefan, Founder of Stellar Pictures,Chief Producer of Love Between Fairy And Devil
  • Liu Shuo, Founder of Perfect Younth OST
  • Jia Yi, VP of Artist Development Center,Joy Media
  • Danna Ding, Manager of Game Audio , Lilith Games
  • Lei Minhong, Corporate Media Director, Estée Lauder Companies Chin
  • Vivian Zhao, Senior Manager of Entertainment Marketing, Tencent Interactive Entertainment
  • Titi Ma, VGM of VSPO
  • Ding Mao, Director of Operations,Huawei Music
  • Joe Fang, Managing Director, UMPG China
  • Philipp Grefer, CEO of WISE,Co-founder of FakeMusicMedia
  • Henri Lessing, Co-Founder at Phoenix Media (AGE Media)
  • Thomas Lidy, Senior Director AI & Data Science, Utopia Music

Rundown Highlights

IMX 2023 is set to offer an array of focused sessions and keynotes including our fifth-round speakers:

  • The Importance of The Mechanical Licensing Collective: Indi Chawla will dive into the critical role of The Mechanical Licensing Collective in the music industry, unraveling its impact on licensing, royalties, and artists’ rights.
  • Immersive Gaming Experience with Music: Dive deep into the realm of gaming with Vivian Zhao, Titi Ma, and Danna Ding, and understand how music enhances player immersion, setting the tone and elevating the overall gaming experience.
  • Huawei Music Audio Vivid Incentive Program: Learn about the Huawei Music Audio Vivid Incentive Program with Ding Mao, understanding its objectives, benefits, and the opportunities it offers to artists and producers in the music industry.
  • Secrets of Value Discovering of A&R: Uncover the methodologies and strategies with Joe Fang that are key to discovering and valuing talent in today’s competitive music industry.
  • Interactive Music Entertainment Technology Application: Explore the innovative applications with Philipp Grefer and Henri Lessing, enhancing experiences and opening new dimensions in the music industry.
  • How Emotion-aware AI Leads to a Step-change in Music Industry: Discover significant changes in the music industry with Thomas Lidy, offering new perspectives and possibilities for artists and consumers alike.

Explore the Full IMX 2023 Rundown – Get a complete overview of all sessions, keynotes, and panels to plan your IMX 2023 experience effectively.

The Cumulative Impact of IMX

With the fifth round of speakers, IMX 2023 promises to be a mecca of knowledge and networking opportunities, bringing together diverse and forward-thinking professionals from across the globe. Expect thought-provoking discussions covering all aspects of the music industry, from cutting-edge technology to traditional music heritage.

Don’t Miss Out

The dates are set, the speakers are confirmed, and we are finalizing the last details to ensure IMX 2023 is an unforgettable experience. Don’t let October 19-31, 2023, pass by without being a part of history in the making.

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