Paris, France


Groover offers a new and innovative way to promote your music that is highly effective, transparent and fair for artists and music professionals. On the platform, musicians & their representatives send their music easily to media, labels, radios and industry professionals of their choice. They are ensured to be listened to, get feedback guaranteed and potential coverage – reviews, playlist adds etc. On their side, music influencers finally have a simple tool to discover music easily, earn money for it while keeping their complete editorial independence.

Since launch, more than 600,000 comments were given by more than 1,200 active blogs, radios & record labels, which caused 150,000+ sharing opportunities (reviews, playlist addings etc.) and 300+ signatures with record labels. After raising €2M at the end of 2019, Groover launched in January ’21 Groover Obsessions, the first continuous artist accelerator program to support the best artists discovered on Groover.

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Dorian Perron – Co-founder


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