Cao Jie (曹洁)

Founder, Yi Ju Shu De (易聚数得创始人)

Former VP of Kugou Music & Founder of Yi Ju Shu De 

Yi Ju Shu De (易聚数得)

Beijing, China

Deeply cultivate the application scenarios of artificial intelligence in the music field, establish correlation algorithms between people, music and application scenarios, and develop business models and products for music consumption on this basis.
Basic business:
Establish a dry voice database for people singing, and use artificial intelligence to learn emotions, vocal range, timbre, recognition and other rich dimensions, and establish the algorithmic matching relationship between human voice and music, human voice and human voice. It has a high degree of application adaptability in the fields of music education, singer A&R, anchor selection, music promotion, and the development of virtual singers.