Fiammetta Poidomani

Musical Performer, Fiammetta Poidomani

Hi! I am a singer, guitarist and musical performer from Italy.

Fiammetta Poidomani


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Fiammetta is a musical performer, singer and songwriter. Born in the extreme south of Sicily, different influences contribute to build up her style, from rock music to traditional folk and culture. Yet she also has a strong passion in theatre, this allows her to develop acting skills as well, giving more energy to her singing style.
Her music is often connected to protest and social justice, and she supports her voice with the guitar and other instruments such as Irish bouzouki or Celtic harp.
She collaborates with composer Cyril Giroux, experimenting on new sounds and backgrounds for her music.
In 2021 she signs with music label Rehegoo Music for the publishing of her song Canto per Tiresia and she is currently working on new songs to release.