Marii Reimann

Manager, Daniel Levi

Marii has worked in the music industry in various roles for the past seven years. Currently she is manager and the co-founder of the artist management company Monday Morning, where she works with artists such as Daniel Levi, Erki Pärnoja, Egert Milder and Anna Kaneelina. In addition, she works at the Estonian music export and development organisation Music Estonia, developing programmes and seminars for music industry professionals, as well as with specific projects aimed at developing the sector and collaborating with Tallinn Music Week. For years, Marii has also been a booker for the Intsikurmu festival.

Daniel Levi

Tallinn, Estonia

Daniel Levi is an Estonian/American artist, whose music includes sonic layers of soul, funk and R’n’B and armed with a truly lively spirit. Daniel Levi is a household name in Estonia, regularly appearing on national TV and radios and gaining more and more attention internationally along with his dynamic band who are known for their high energy and uplifting performances. Daniel created a huge buzz in the electronic pop scene by collaborating with a local EDM success Cartoon for the hit single “On & On”, that has racked up over 600 million plays on Spotify and YouTube all over the world. Today Daniel Levi has arrived at a timeless pop sound glowing with elements of soul, funk, R’n’B and rock that’s bound together by a strong message and a forceful energy that infects the listener on first impact.