Gareth Watkins

Bassist, Wolf Apple

I am the bassist in Wolf Apple, I have been playing bass for over 7 years and have been in many bands generally performing covers but with in the last year have been delivering original bass lines to complement the guitar craft from Griff the lead vocalist and guitarist of wolf Apple

Wolf Apple

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Wolf Apple are a duo from Wolverhampton comprising singer-songwriter Griff and bass-player Gaz. Their original songs are intriguing and they always enjoy performing live.

Griff’s songs often seem lyrically straightforward but are frequently laced with wry humour, a barbed edge or intense romanticism, inspired by classic English songwriting. The songs tackle human themes of depression, heartbreak, observational storytelling and sometimes even contentment.

Gaz is an accomplished bass player, with extensive live experience whose artful bass lines complement Griff’s charming and inventive guitar work. Together the music is melodic and taut, ranging from acoustic-rock to alternative.

Their songs have been variously compared to: The Beatles, The Smiths, Lou Reed, R.E.M., Frank Turner, Radiohead, Paul Heaton & Elliot Smith.