Cristina Fina

Head of International Department, PUGLIA SOUNDS | MEDIMEX

After having worked in the field of classical and contemporary dance in Italy and in France, I have for many years produced and managed international music and cinema events in Italy, France and Portugal.
In 1998 I founded La Strada, a music management and booking agency, based in Paris (FR) and specialised in jazz and world music.
Since 2010 I am in charge of international development strategies for Puglia Sounds and the International Festival and Music Conference Medimex.
Puglia Sounds, is the first-ever public project in Italy targeted to develop the whole music sector of a specific region. Puglia Sounds also promotes Medimex, Italy's biggest Festival and Music Conference.


Bari, Italy

Since 2011 the essential bridge between the Italian and the international music scene, the International Festival & Music Conference MEDIMEX features debates, showcases, and a variety of networking sessions for music professionals.
MEDIMEX is promoted by Puglia Sounds, the public office created in 2010 by the government of Puglia Region, which is located in the South East of Italy, to boost Puglia’s musicians and music industry and help establish the region as a major player in the Italian and international music scene.
Through targeted programs, strategic partnerships, and high-profile public events, Puglia Sounds supports musicians as well as the companies involved in music production, recording, distribution, promotion and programming.
Puglia Sounds achieves its goals through public grants handled by various programs, including Puglia Sounds Export, which aims at promoting Apulian musicians and music productions abroad and developing international collaborations and networking.