José Amunátegui

Director, Ceguera Records

Partner and Producer on Grow Your Hair Labs SpA, company responsible for the production of Woodstaco Festival (12 versions) Independent meeting of 3 days and 2 nights in the middle of nature, where every year gather more than a hundred bands from all over the country and Latinoamérica, and people come from all around to celebrate the music and contraculture.
Partner and cofounder of Ceguera Records. A label company who works with music artists, developing their careers. Specialized on management and Booking.

Also offering services to projects with specific services on graphics and music marketing strategies. Part of the IMICHILE directors and president of the Live Shows Commission.

Ceguera Records

Santiago, Chile

Ceguera Records is a music label dedicated to offering artists the possibility of reaching new audiences, places and venues, providing various services. In association with one of the most important festivals in Chile, Woodstaco Festival.
From the Chilean independent scene, Ceguera Records promote the culture developed in the underground, giving musicians the tools to reach their goals.
The label works on diffusion, management, booking, press management, publishing and distribution in physical and digital formats.
Always expanding the value of original creation with identity, Ceguera works with innovative artists who need to develop, respecting their vision and enhancing their talent.