IMX Expo

Expo Overview

The IMX Conference is the go-to hub for insights into music’s future, driven by top execs, digital trendsetters, and tech gurus. It’s where learning, networking, and growth converge, aimed at those mastering the fast-paced music biz. Dive into the latest industry shifts, link up with main players, and grab opportunities to shine in the world of music.

A platform for showcasing products and services, pitching sessions to potential investors, and matchmaking services for business development.

Specialized sessions on specific aspects of doing business in China will be offered to provide actionable insights for business growth.

These will facilitate connections with global delegates, allowing representatives to expand their professional networks, discuss potential collaborations, and share best practices.

Why Attend?

  • Expertise: Hear from industry leaders about the current state and future prospects of music.
  • Innovation: Explore the latest innovations and technologies disrupting the music scene.
  • Networking: Connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators from across the globe.
  • Growth: Elevate your career or business with insights and strategies from the forefront of music industry advancements.

Apply to Speak at IMX

We’re looking for forward-thinking brands to exhibit their breakthroughs.

Past Expo Highlights

This display presents a collection of exhibitors from previous IMX events, showcasing its role as a central hub for businesses and organizations to present their innovations and forge meaningful connections in the music industry.

  • Audoo
  • ClicknClear
  • Collarts (Australian College of the Arts)
  • Focus Wales
  • Huawei
  • LabalRadarLyricFind
  • Musiio
  • Music Ally
  • SonoSuite
  • Synclodge