Once your showcase video is approved for IMX 2023, you will receive an email to confirm the associated metadata for your track.

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    Video Upload Guidelines

    1. Artist Performance Video Requirements:

    • Frame Height: 1080 pixels

    • Frame Width: 1920 pixels (Horizontal)

    • Frame Rate: 30/50/60 fps

    • File Format: MP4/MOV

    • If encoding is required, please adhere to H.264.

    • Audio Bitrate: Recommended 192 kbps or higher

    • Audio Format: MP3/WAV

    • Sample Rate: Recommended 48,000 Hz or higher.

    • Length: More than 5 minutes (at least 1-2 tracks)

    Submission & Review

    Feel free to submit as many videos as you’d like. Our editorial team will carefully review all submissions and select the ones that best complement our program. Your art is important, and we’re excited to help share it with the world. We look forward to your submissions!

    2. Artist Short Video ID

    This short video ID will be used within the program and to promote your art across our channels.

    Video Requirements:

    • Video format: MOV or MP4

    • Video specification: Landscape 16:9 (minimum 1080P)

    • Length: Less than 30 seconds

    Suggested Video ID Script

    "I'm/We're happy to be part of IMX 2023

    Same Universe, Boundless Music!

    Check out the show and have fun!"

    Warm tip: Feel free to showcase your personality or brand.