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As an Industry Expo participant, you’ll be immersed in a dynamic ecosystem of music industry pioneers, international media representatives, and an ever-growing community of enthusiasts and professionals.

Video uploads open: August 21, 2023
Video uploads deadline: October 8, 2023

Hospital Records

Photo: Hospital Records

Expo Registration

Expo Timeline

Standard expo submissions

Registrations open: now

Video uploads open: August 21, 2023
Video uploads deadline: October 8, 2023

Premium expo services

Early registration deadline: October 8, 2023
Regular registration deadline: October 11, 2023

Video uploads open: August 21, 2023
Video uploads deadline: October 8, 2023

Expo Registration

We welcome:

  • Organizations from all industries
  • Organizations and individuals from around the world
  • From grassroots initiatives to major players

Important details:

  • One expo feature slot allocated per registered organization
  • Videos can be up to 15 minutes in length
  • Access to all IMX exhibitor contact details. Your details are available for connections
  • Your expo video remains online as video-on-demand for a year, searchable on platforms like YouTube, Bilibili, as well as via Google and Baidu

All industry expo features will be streamed online from October 23-31, 2023.

Premium services (additional costs apply):

  • Localized video with subtitles
  • Dedicated social media features of your expo entry (international and Chinese social media channels)
  • Dedicated press releases of your expo entry (Chinese media channels)
  • Tailor-made networking online sessions

Premium services are optional and can be purchased at a premium cost after the free registration.

Expo Benefits

At IMX, the spotlight isn’t solely on the performance.

Showcasing here means diving deep into a realm of rich industry interactions, mentorship opportunities, and avenues for professional elevation, setting it apart from the typical music fests.

For IMX 2023, artists who dazzle on our stage will be gifted a registration package, which includes artist-specific credentials.

  • Zero-cost registration and submission of showcase video
  • Localized version of the artist profile in both Chinese and English
  • Lifetime inclusion in Industry Directory
  • Lifetime access to Artist Directory
  • Lifetime access to Industry Directory


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