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IMX Overview

The International Music Expo

Introducing IMX 2023 – the International Music Expo, the globe’s premier platform for music innovation and value creation. Our mission is to unite the world through music, creating a stage where ideas, creativity, and business converge.

This year, in October, we’re thrilled to unveil our unifying theme – “Same Universe, Boundless Music”. This represents our commitment to transcending boundaries, inspiring global collaboration, and driving the evolution of the music industry.

The Conference

IMX 2023 is going to be groundbreaking with over 50 conference sessions organized around four key themes:

  • The Future of Music Technology: We’ll delve into how technology is expanding the horizons of the music industry, with a special focus on fields like spatial audio, music performances, AI in music, music education, music and VR/AR/XR, and music’s digital supply chains.
  • The Future of Music Business: We’ll explore how music is driving commercial value and engagement, branching into spheres like film, gaming, advertising, short-form video, broadcasting, digital marketing, e-commerce, cultural tourism, design, sports, and lifestyle.
  • The Future of Music Copyright: A deep dive into the contemporary rules and opportunities of music copyright, covering topics like AIGC-era copyright challenges, music copyright distribution, data analysis, copyright protection, and music finance.
  • The Future of Music Creation: A journey back to the roots of music and a forward-looking exploration of innovative directions in music. Expect sessions on intangible cultural heritage, field recording, music therapy, electronic innovation, sound art, and custom soundscapes.

The Showcases

And that’s not all! IMX 2023 is set to be one of the world’s largest music showcases with over 200 “online + offline” interactive performances. We’re featuring artists from all corners of the globe, representing diverse cultures, styles, and musical narratives.

The Masterclasses

To add to this rich tapestry, we’re hosting a series of “Global Master Classes”, offering a unique learning opportunity for music practitioners. We’re also offering workshops for trailblazing music innovation companies, groups, and individuals to share their forward-thinking projects and impactful insights.

IMX In-person

From October 19th to 22nd, Shanghai will be buzzing with live events as part of the IMX experience. With a jam-packed schedule of dynamic international forums, electrifying performances, immersive exhibitions, masterclasses, and hands-on workshops, we’re setting the stage for global music professionals to collaborate, learn and grow.

Click here to check the In-person Rundown

IMX Online

From October 23rd to 31st, we’re taking IMX online, bringing together the best of the global music industry for a series of cloud-based forums and performances. This virtual stage serves as a nexus of industry resources, allowing for a wealth of shared experiences and the exploration of global music opportunities.


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