What is IMX

What is IMX?

International Music Expo (IMX) is a platform for discovery. A global business and cultural expo for professionals, creators and consumers in the creative and tech industries.

Based in China, the global leader investor in the latest tech and the home to one-third of the world’s unicorns, we persist in our quest for knowledge and cutting-edge breakthroughs for the benefit of everyone and the greater good.

At IMX, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration through shared experiences. By connecting domestic and international industries we hope to break new ground and empower the global music and tech industries to develop and innovate

How does IMX work?

Everyone around the world can simply tune in and watch.

All conference sessions, showcases and expo presentations will be streamed between 11-31 October online on major platforms internationally and in China.

Main Stage showcase applications are free. Primetime showcases are subject to an application fee. Apply to Showcase Expo presentations are subject to an application fee.

After applying and completing your profile, you can also upload your video (Showcase or Expo). Once approved, your video will be scheduled for broadcasting. The video will also remain available as video-on-demand (VOD) on a number of platforms.

Primetime showcases are subject to an application fee. Apply to Showcase

Expo presentations are subject to an application fee. Apply to Exhibit


Who is IMX for?

IMX is for everyone.

From business professionals to brand new artists. We strive for all of our guests to feel a sense of care and appreciation for music. Gain a new awareness of what is being done to support it both locally and globally.

Everyone can learn from everyone; what we learn at IMX is how to work together.

Event Organizers

International Music Collaboration Organization (IMCO) is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for the Chinese music industry and global music organisations to communicate and connect with each other. It encourages communication, knowledge exchange, and collaborations.

IMCO is committed to serve independent musicians, producers, music copyright owners, music labels, performance, cultural institutions and other relevant organisations. It is aiming to create a healthy and sustainable environment for the music industry.


Kanjian Music is a leader in licence management automation for the music industry.

Its license management platform unifies royalty administration and collection across digital distribution, publishing, synchronization, public performance, neighbouring rights, and copyright protection in one, end-to-end platform to accelerate digital transformation.

Organizations of all sizes, all over the world, including majors, many independents, music publishers, management companies, artists and digital service platforms rely on the Kanjian license management platform to deliver high-impact business outcomes.

Kanjian Music has already served more than 450,000 artists and 7,500 music companies, reaching more than 1 billion online listeners across more than 300 digital services worldwide, including China.


“Building a community around music, technology and business is at the heart of IMX”