Simone Grancagnolo

Artist/Performer/Songwriter, Regulus Red

Hello everyone! Multilingual voice.over artist and teacher living in London!

Regulus Red

London, United Kingdom

“I am going to revolutionise these old paradigms”

Genderqueer, electronic-pop, volcanic: Regulus Red is the new unabashedly authentic kid on the block. A reckless daydreamer for whom music and fashion are a statement, a means of liberation from a frightened society.

Of an Italian-Welsh descent, his heritage would be incomplete without mentioning the likes of Lorde, Lady Gaga, Stromae, MIKA, P!nk - just a few of the artists who inspire Red's music with their fearless sense of self and powerful lyrics.

2020 witnessed 360.000 streams on his Spotify, 100.000 on his Youtube Music Videos and he’s ready for more.

2021 will see his second body of work come to life, a musical essay on Love, in all of its forms.

With the LGBTQ+ community right by his side and with Édith Piaf in his heart, he travels with bravery into the world of the feminine and the masculine together, teaching us that we all have equal potential to express both.