Patrick Ross

COO, Music Ally

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Patrick went to Belmont University in Nashville, TN to learn the music business. In 2007 he relocated to the UK and has been working in the UK music industry ever since. He started out working with indie labels and artists, doing what he called "web presence management”, making dope MySpace pages and being just about the only person with access to Facebook Ads in the UK. (As they only let Americans book them back then.) He served as Head of Digital Marketing for digital distributor AWAL, and eventually VP, Digital Marketing for Kobalt’s Music Recordings and Label Services division. 2018 saw him join Music Ally, where he is now COO, and oversees company operations including digital marketing campaigns and business strategy, as well as training the global music industry. He also lectures at The University of Westminster, Falmouth University and Berklee College of Music. And when he’s not doing that, he manages recording artist Ruben Dawnson.

Music Ally

London, United Kingdom

Music Ally is a knowledge and skills company, and has been a leading light for the global music music marketing community, providing insight on best practice across tools, trends, campaigns and platforms for over a decade.


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